Our Vision

Inspired by the individual transformations that occur within our students, we apply our philosophy of growth to ourselves as an organization. Over the years we have evolved based on the needs of our community. As our students’ lives — and the culture of our society — have changed with time, LEC has been tasked with ensuring we provide the most meaning experience to our students as possible.

In 27 years, LEC has grown from a small spot under a tree to a beautiful campus with a budding social enterprise. Moving forward, we see the largest opportunity for growth with our Sakhi brand. We have seen an incredible response to Sakhi, and while the demand for our creations is exciting, being a small operation has its challenges. We plan to expand our offerings in the future and adjust our production process to work more efficiently. 

For our students, we see our future programming focusing on developing stronger leadership, risk-taking, decision-making and communication skills. We see a need for improvement in these areas in both our students’ individual and social lives, as well as in their participation with Sakhi. Ultimately we see Sakhi developing into a student-run cooperative. Our current students have expressed such enthusiasm for their roles in creating Sakhi and many are interested in entrepreneurship after they leave LEC. We want to be able to set our students up for success once they graduate from our program.

Finally, as always, we look to offer our students a variety of classes. We would like to revisit past classes when a need for them arises. We also want to start to include a more gendered perspective to our programming that allows the men in our students’ lives to learn how to best support their loved one in their journey at LEC and in life.

Our vision for the future will always be based on providing the best support possible to our students. As we are financed primarily by individual contributions, support for LEC from our community in India and abroad is much needed and welcomed. To help serve these village women in their path to realizing their full potential,
please consider supporting us through collaborations, volunteering, or donations.

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