Sustainable Palate: From Local Farms to Auroville Plate — A Collection of
Traditional Recipes

Sustainable Palate is a collection of South Indian recipes gathered from a series of cooking classes held at LEC in 2015. To move toward food self-sufficiency in any community, we must recognize the abundant wealth growing around us. People of all cultures can appreciate the naturally occurring produce in Auroville and surrounding Tamil Nadu, and local traditions can be retained through nourishing the relationship between food and culture. The book offers an introduction to local produce such as central to classic south Indian dishes. It also engages with the siddha tradition by explaining the nutritional and medicinal benefits of different ingredients. Sustainable Palate is meant to be enjoyed and shared — there’s nothing like bringing everyone together for the enjoyment of delicious food. 


Journeys: Trajectories of Education and Empowerment Among Young Village Women in the Auroville Bioregion

Journeys chronicles the stories of young women enrolled at LEC in 2015, detailing not only the difficulties and challenges they have faced in pursuing their aspirations but also, in many cases, the successful actualization of those dreams after joining LEC. Most importantly, these stories reflect how these women view themselves today. Journeys reflects the true experiences of village women, detailing their individual relationships with education, gender, caste, family, money and other contexts, and how those relationships impact their lives. From spending significant time with our students to conduct the interviews transcribed in Journeys, we saw a common theme in each woman’s words. For these women, finding a place to be fully heard and known was the turning point onto their path toward a better life.



In 2018, with funding from the Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Education and Research (SAIIER), we conducted research on education and employment opportunities for Aurovillian youth.

Research on Education, Skills, Employment, and Employability Among Youth in the Auroville Bioregion

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