Who We Are

LEC is not just an educational space. We’re a place for exploration, joy and serenity. For our women, LEC is a home for learning, work and play. Our students build confidence. They build community. They build a purpose. 

We focus on teaching practical subjects such as technical skills, healthcare and English, and abstract ones like bodywork, self-expression, and mindfulness. The majority of time spent at LEC is dedicated to practicing tailoring and embroidery as part of creating our Sakhi brand. Our classes are small in size, creating an intimate space with deep bonds between students. We prioritize building trust, independence and dignity in and among our women. 

Our Home

In 2001 we were able to secure land in Auroville near Isaiambalam. We slowly started the construction of our campus and finished our latest addition, our main classroom, office and meeting space, in 2016.


LEC has been financed by generous contributions from the Government of India, the European Commission, the Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Education and Research (SAIIER) and individual donors. Though we are moving toward becoming more self-sustaining through the development of our social enterprise, Sakhi, we still depend on donor support to keep our programs strong.

Annual Reports


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