Vocational Training in Tailoring

Young women in LEC fall under two categories. The first category of girls are at the Center right after dropping out of school. The other category has had a long break at home after discontinuing education, have married and had children. All the women are offered training in tailoring, embroidery, crochet and other hand work.


A means for livelihood and empowerment

The vocational training provides the women  an opportunity to earn a livelihood and support their families. This is true especially for women who have the need for additional income to raise their families. The possibility of work and income empowers the women to make decisions at home regarding financial situations of the family.


Dignity and Identity

Women in villages have been traditionally suppressed primarily due to the conservative attitudes of the society. Lack of education and the opportunity to work also made them  inferior to men. LEC offers training in tailoring as a means to bring dignity and identity to the lives of these women. They are encouraged to speak for themselves and to not to allow themselves to be treated inhumanly. They are given the emotional support to  be independent.


Work as a means to add values

The training and work serve as the basis for inculcating values of beauty, perfection, creativity and quality. The women are encouraged to reflect on the inputs they receive through their work and apply them in other areas of their lives. Thus the work becomes a way to grow with consciousness in all aspects of life.