Entrepreneurial Skills Development



Twenty years ago, women in the villages hardly stepped out of their homes. They did not go to school and did not work. The situation today is much different with women having increased skills and capacities. Some of them have dreams of setting up their own businesses. However, they are not very hopeful and doubt their abilities to become entrepreneurs.


The Program

The Entrepreneurial Skills Development program aims at helping and guiding these women to shape their ideas so that they could become realities by exploring the ideas, asking relevant questions, sharing information about loans available for women entrepreneurs, providing them encouragement and building their capacities to be well on their paths. Though the women in the Auroville bioregon today are much more capable and have the desire to become entrepreneurs, they are not confident enough to take on the challenges and boldly step into the business world. LEC is glad to be of assistance to this small set of women who dream of being entrepreneurs.