LEC believes that true social change can happen when there is a change in the consciousness of individuals. This belief forms the basis of all activities and projects in LEC.

The young women in LEC are offered an environment with opportunities to discover themselves. Emphasis is placed on fostering life skills including:

  • Thinking for themselves
  • Sharing with others
  • Reflecting
  • Widening their perspectives by hearing a diverse array of views
  • Examining personal attitudes on societal and cultural norms
  • Developing abilities to be self-confident and self-reliant
  • Developing capacities for decision making


Group discussion

Students of LEC participate in the following activities that enhance their education and personal growth:

  •     Vocational training such as tailoring, crochet, typing, and computers
  •     Therapeutic activities including individual and group counseling, discussions
  •     English language classes
  •     Body awareness activities
  •     Lectures by experts in various fields from Auroville and surrounding villages
  •     Meditative activities like chanting
  •     Group art activities to awaken the aesthetic
  •     Cooking with local vegetables
  •     Periodic visits to Matrimandir
  •     Visits to exhibitions in Auroville related to their area of work

Here at LEC, young women are given a new chance. We offer them an educational space as well as the tools and support for them to continue growing, even after their time in the Center. Some young women who have gone out to work in services and units of Auroville like to spend their days off in LEC. They have built connections during their time at the Center that continue after they leave. In their own words, “LEC is like family”.