In the beginning years of LEC, funding came from the coordinators, who were also working elsewhere. They were dependent on small donations from individuals, friends and institutions but this income was very inconsistent. In 2001, LEC was awarded a 3-year education fund from the European Commission. This allowed the Center to prosper without having to solely rely on individual donations. During this period, the number of students increased drastically and LEC was able to make effective use of its resources. When the three year period of the European Commission education fund completed in 2004, LEC started receiving a small portion from Auroville’s annual budget that allowed it to continue growing.

As the number of units and services that Auroville’s annual budget had to support increased, LEC fell among one of the services whose annual budget was cut.

LEC still relies on donations from all over the world who believe in the work and its significance. Since the last few years, after coming under the administration of Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Education and Research (SAIIER), LEC has become eligible to apply for a budget for project based activities through Government of India grant and receives a small budget for these activities. This has been around Rs. 120000 per year.

Your generous support is much needed to continue the work of LEC.